Whale Watching Group

45.00 per person

We are proud to announce that the success rate of whale sightings at our excursions is at 99%. So make a dream come true and join us together with your group in a shared zodiac tour.

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The waters around Terceira are one of the best in the world to observe whales and dolphins in the wilderness. There are two reasons for this: We use an old technique of the whalers who already worked with the so called “vigias” in the penultimate century. Those vigias are spotters on land who observe the ocean with binoculars to find whales. The information in which specific region the animals are currently located is spread to the boats via radio or mobile phone. However, the most important precondition is created by nature itself with the variety of whales and dolphins that find nutrition around the Azores which is why we can meet them here so numerously. The whale which is spotted most is the sperm whale.


An excursion takes about three hours. In the early morning the vigia reports the sightings and guides the boats to the spots. The boats only leave the harbour when a sighting has been registered. Before each tour our well-trained guides hold a briefing. Afterwards, the life jackets are distributed and you go aboard.

Code of Conduct for Whale Watching

We offer an excellent and professional service with a qualified crew, impeccable equipment and an elaborate scheduling with a lot of know-how. Furthermore, we work sustainably, we worry about the ocean and its creatures as well as about our environment.


  • December to May: baleen whales, sperm whales
  • June to October: sperm whales, long-finned pilot whales, beaked whales, sometimes baleen whales
  • September to October: sperm whales, long-finned pilot whales, often baleen whales, false killer whales