Snorkelling With Dolphins Group

60.00 per person

Meet wild dolphins in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean and take part in this unique experience with your group in a shared zodiac tour. For us it is self-evident only to work with dolphins that are not in captivity.

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Before you plan to fulfil your dream it should be clear that you visit the animals in the open water. Therefore, you should be a good swimmer and be able to handle mask, snorkel and fins. The chances are higher when you are able to plunge a few meters into the blue of the Atlantic. Then the interest of the dolphins increases because the animals are very curious. We ask the participants to bring a snorkelling equipment with mask, snorkel and fins. Swimming around without equipment is not allowed because in accordance with a sustainable nature observation we want to disturb the animals as little as possible. Please bear in mind that you should have an average condition and physical ability in order to snorkel with dolphins in the open water. If not, please be so kind and contact us before booking.


For an ideal preparation our well-trained guides give a short briefing before the departure. It is regulated by law that there are allowed maximum two persons at the same time with the dolphins. The dolphins are not always in the mood to stay with the group so that we usually need several attempts to approach them. On some excursions the animals can only be watched from the boat. As soon as we notice that the group is travelling with pups or we feel that the dolphins are disturbed and do not want to have contact with us, we respect this. Adding the weather conditions which are not always stable we recommend to book several excursions. Please also bear in mind that you might need some time to get used to the ocean which can be up to 3,000 meters deep below you.


May to October