Combi Package Terceira & Pico

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(English) 16 Days stay in Terceira and Pico (Guesthouse with breakfast). 3 Departures to see whales (2 day + 1 evening) and 3 Departure to snorkel with dolphins. Visit of the traditional Vigia (Whale spotter) and Malcom Clarks Spermwhale & Squid Museum.

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7 night Guesthouse in Terceira with breakfast
2 departures to see whales ( 1 day and 1 evening departure )
1 departure to snorkel with dolphins

7 night Guesthouse in Pico with breakfast
1 departures to see whales
2 departure to snorkel with dolphins
1 visit of the traditional Vigia ( Whale spotter )
1 Malcom Clarks Spermwhale & Squid Museum

Upgrade to Apartments, Hotels on request and due to availbility

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