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Whale Watch Terceira – The islands of the Azores are shaped by the peaks of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, surrounded by the endless deep blue of the ocean. The archipelago forms a meeting place for rich marine life. Therefore, whales, dolphins, sharks, turtles, mobulas and pelagic fish are abundant in these waters.


The Azores have been renowned for years as a top destination for whale and dolphin watching, as up to 27 species (approximately 25% of the world’s known species) have been identified along the coasts of the islands. The islands provide a natural sanctuary in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean for both migrating and resident species. Sperm whales are the most commonly sighted whale species of the Azores and can be seen all year round.

Apart from observing whales and dolphins, the islands have only recently been discovered for excellent diving encounters with sharks. Our parent company Pico Sport Lda. has been offering whale and dolphin watching as well as scuba diving from the neighbouring island Pico since 1996.

Join us and discover the Azores!

New: Since 2016 also from Terceira.

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